One thing is certain:

Your security and the protection of your data are our brand core.

hero securing your data is our focus

Our promise: we live your security

Protecting our customer data is a fundamental basis of our business. All data is stored securely and reduced to only the few data points we really need for our services.

You can access your stored data at any time. Your user data is kept confidential and will not be shared without written consent.

Please read our privacy policy for full details.


What you can rely on:

patented security

Top world-class security made affordable for you!

Security based on state-of-the-art, password-less, patented technology, combining Identity Based Cryptography, Out-Of-Band Authentication and other leading-edge security measures, so far available only to Fortune500 enterprises.

For maximum assurance, security is audited and constantly monitored 24×7 by a CERT-certified Computer Security Incident Response Team from our security partner GMV,

We do not store any data on your cell phone

We do not store any relevant data on your smartphone. So nothing can be spied or intercepted and everything is DSGVO compliant.

So it also works with a company login – so “Bring your own device / BYOD” – no problem with Instalogin


no use or exchange of passwords

No use or transmission of passwords

Our mission is: “No More Passwords”. No one can spy on your password or use it without authorization. Neither friends, nor family, nor colleagues. Since we have technically abolished them, no one can spy or intercept the passwords.

Emergency “Pause” function

If you ever lose your smartphone, don’t worry! You can lock all Instalogin accounts quickly and easily. And of course, unlock them again if needed.


Why is Instalogin safe?

We exclude everything that is unsafe.
Quite simply.


What actually is IBE?

Identity-based encryption (IBE) is a type of public key encryption in which a user can generate a public key from a known unique identifier such as an email address, and a trusted third-party server computes the corresponding private key from the public key.
This way, no public keys need to be distributed before encrypted data is exchanged.

The sender can simply use the recipient’s unique identifier to generate a public key and encrypt the data. The recipient can generate the corresponding private key using the trusted third-party server – the private key generator (PKG).


This is not rocket science… Actually, it is!

Our security engine is provided by GMV, a privately owned technology group with an international presence.

Founded in 1984, GMV offers its solutions, services and products in very diverse industries: Aerospace, Banking and Finance, Space, Defense, Health, Cybersecurity, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Automotive, Telecommunications, and Information Technology for government and large enterprises.

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