Forget your passwords!

The new generation of logins is here: Simple, convenient and secure.

Stop losing customers just because they forget their password. And take this opportunity to skip the unpopular 2-factor authentication.

New generation of logins

And where is a password-free login possible?

Instalogin already works in many places and more are coming!



Make it easy for your customers! No more lost customers due to password loss, no time-consuming resets

login at websites

Login to Websites

Your customer areas on websites, perfectly secured by Instalogin. Customer login simple and innovative, no need to make up password, no need to forget password


Blog - Admins

Easy and fast login in one or more admin areas. Even on the go with one click from our app.
Simply fast and secure.

Install Instalog

And that's how brilliantly easy it is:

Activate Instalogin

Allow password-free login via SmartPhone by clicking the "Add Device" button under the "Manage Instalogin Devices" item. Now an email to link the phone will be sent to your email address. Here you can also add more devices.

You have mail!

Check your email and open our Instalogin email. There you will find a link to our app at the bottom.

Download the free Instalogin app from the App/Play Store.

Download the Instalogin app from the appropriate store and install it. That's all you need to do. We do not need any further data from you.

Open email, scan QR code and connect SmartPhone to account

Connect your accounts to your cell phone and never lose passwords again - simply because you no longer have any. By scanning the code from the email, you connect your SmartPhone to your corresponding account. Done!


Download our wordpress installer from our download page, and upload it back to your wordpress as a zip file and activate the plugin in your settings.

Key & Secret

Enter the activation key and password to authenticate your website. You can get them from us here. (

Allow your users to log in to your wordpress homepage via InstaCode.

Send email to connect the phone

Send invitations to all users of your blog, they link their smartphone to the wordpress account and from now on they can log in with the Insta app password free!

One solution for all: Secure and easy login.

In general: Whenever a login is necessary.


Offer your customers to log in to their favorite store online via Instalogin. Increase your sales and increase customer loyalty significantly!

Customer areas

Your customers log in easily and quickly, no one can forget a password. A frustration free experience for your customers, try it. And with our Insta code, your customers scan your logo to log in.


It doesn’t get any more frustrating than this. Your members log in with Instalogin and forgotten passwords are a thing of the past. No frustrated members, no comments and postings failed at the LogIn.


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We are approaching the end of the beta phase.


Convinced? Do you run a store or a website and want to offer Instalogin?

We support a simple integration via PHP-SDK or various plugins for the most common systems. Of course we also offer customized solutions.


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