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2-Factor Authentication (2FA) in One Step.
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Connect your accounts to your phone and never lose passwords again – simply because you no longer have any.





Forget 2-factor authentication.
Here comes the next level.

Scan QR code with Instalogin app and you are safely logged in.

With Instalogin you always have an overview of your current logins and manage your accounts in the app.

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Smart features with Instalogin.

Accounts & logins easily under control.

Passwordless Login

Password free login

Simply scan the Insta code with the Instalogin app -.
and you are securely logged in.
You don’t need the tedious 2-factor authentication!

Account Overview

Account overview

Instalogin provides an overview of every account you are logged into and also when you were last logged in there. And if it comes down to it, you can block them all at once.

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Your privacy:

We live data protection
and do not share any data.
We do not even store
relevant data from you –
not even in the app.

Your data is your data..

You are our focus and that is why we give you full control over your data. Guaranteed.

Protecting our customers’ data is a cornerstone of our business. All data is stored securely and limited to the data points necessary to provide the service.

Our customers and users can access their stored data at any time. User data is kept confidential and will not be shared without written consent.

Christian Lamprechter
CEO InstaSolution GmbH

Why is Instalogin so safe?

We exclude everything that is unsafe.
Quite simply…

Why is Instalogin so safe?

  • Theft of identities, passwords & data (credit card data)
  • Forgotten passwords, lost hardware tokens
  • Extortion through highjacking / ransomware of systems and hard disks / entire networks
  • Undetected intruders and industrial espionage
  • Hardware scrap through tokens

Logins with Instalogin

Laptop with Instalogin
  • Easy and fast login
  • No forgetting of usernames and passwords
  • No possibility of spying on the login data.
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Test the password-free future!
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