About us.

Instalogin protects your data on the Internet. Not even we want them.

The privacy of our customer’s data is a fundamental pillar of our business.

We live your privacy

We have developed the next generation of logins.
Customer-friendly, simple and fast –
but above all one thing: Secure!

Skip the cumbersome and expensive
two-factor authentication and make it easy for your customers to
easy to log in with you.

Let’s talk about the next but one generation of
logins. It’s time.

Instalogin allows all users to log in to websites quickly, easily and password-free.
With proven and patented security technology.

We want Warren to be in the wrong.

No more passwords flying around that are too easy to guess, no more data theft, no more compromised accounts. Simply because there are no more passwords to forget.
And an app that recognizes and identifies you as you. At the box office, at the doctor’s office, at government offices, at…, oh, we don’t want to give too much away yet.

Stay curious, we are!