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Full security with our Accounts Management: Instead of using passwords, your employees simply log in via Instalogin. So there are no more forgotten passwords, and you have full control over all accesses.

By the way: Instalogin is BYOD “bring-your-own-device” capable, no more data has to be stored on employee SmartPhones.

Instalogin advantages

Accounts & logins of customer sites easily under control.

Passwordless Login

Password free admin login

No forgotten passwords No notes

Simply scan the Insta code with the Instalogin app – and you are securely logged in. You don’t need the tedious 2-factor authentication!

Account Overview

Account overview

All customer accounts at a glance

Where did I log in and when was the last time I logged in there. Finally, there is an overview of each account.
And when it comes down to it, you can lock them all with Once.

Account Overview

Employees administration

Assign account pause or lock

Give your employees easy access to the customer pages. You are sure that nobody can write down or lend passwords anymore.

I want to try Instalogin! Price list for agencies

Offer your customers a new, convenient and easy access to your system or store with Instalogin. Don’t lose any more customers due to forgotten passwords or fear password thefts.

Go for the next generation of website authentication with Instalogin. Make it more convenient and secure for you and your customers!

Start with Instalogin..

And that's how brilliantly easy it is:

Activate Instalogin

Allow password-free login via SmartPhone by clicking the "Add Device" button under the "Manage Instalogin Devices" item. Now an email to link the phone will be sent to your email address. Here you can also add more devices.

You have mail!

Check your email and open our Instalogin email. There you will find a link to our app at the bottom.

Download the free Instalogin app from the App/Play Store.

Download the Instalogin app from the appropriate store and install it. That's all you need to do. We do not need any further data from you.

Open email, scan QR code and connect SmartPhone to account

Connect your accounts to your phone and never lose passwords again - simply because you no longer have any. By scanning the code from the email, you connect your SmartPhone to your corresponding account. Done!

Attention developers: Instalogin is also available for your favorite platform

Use Instalogin already in the development phase of your projects and offer your team and your customer a comfortable, secure access. You control how long it can be used!

Box Shots

Become our partner!
Your customers also use Instalogin

Offer your customers to use Instalogin for their own logins and user management as well and benefit from our reseller offer